Emma Stone - My New Crave

I just watched Easy A at home yesterday.

Knowing that Malaysia will definitely censor some parts of the movie, I decided it's best I not wait and watch it in Cinema and stayed in to watch it on our HD 42inch. *heart*

Emma  (11)

When I first watched the trailer in cinema, the actress of Easy A looked so familiar I couldn't put my teeth to it.

Then baby reminded me it was that geeky girl from House Bunny. The one with odd lips when she speaks.

Emma  (8)
second from the right

It was like... YA!!!!

It's her!

So since then I found out that her name is Emma Stone and she's been my favourite, total favourite.

Emma  (12)

Like Lindsay Lohan in her teen time.

Only skinnier, smaller boobers, and totally rocking the curves!

Emma  (13)

In the movie she was like so totally smoking!!!! I'm a girl and I approve.

She was this intellectual girl that no one paid much notice to her till rumours of her sleeping around spreaded like wild fire across the campus.

At first judging from the trailer, I thought she was going to act like some bimbo bitch, but turned out she's actually the good girl here. opps *spoiler alert*

911160 - EASY A

And OMG, when she did all those licking spoon and purring acts, it was SO SO HOT. *bite*

I just wanna watch her forever.

Oh, and she had the most alluring eyes, ever, for a teenage girl, or someone who acted like a teenage girl. She's actually 22 now.

She has light turquoise iris, really big dolly eyes, the type that can rock a very light make up and still look smoking.

Que in third photo.

These sort of eyes would go wild when you apply a little bit of color to them.

Emma  (2)

Emma  (9)
Gotta love the smoky eyes.

Though I think her greatest feature had to be her quirky lips, and definitely very dorky smile.

Emma  (10)

Not the deep voice though.

Okay enough of my Emma Stone fetish.

Here are three photos I found online that she modelled in.

Emma  (5)

Emma  (1)

Emma  (3)

Hello Producers?! Put Emma Stone in more teen movies! She's too hot to miss out!


4 kissed Nicole

  1. I agree, she's damn hot :D Did you watch her in Zombieland?

  2. You sound like a guy


  3. Can be downloaded already?

  4. I think she has same hair color as you Nicole :)