25 Baht Fish Spa in Hat Yai

The second day in Hat Yai, Wendy and I got out from our hotel around noon.

nicolekiss and wendy

just me

You know us girls, sleeping in chatting all night, etc.

wendy in bed

We stayed in JB hotel. It's a 3-4 star hotel, nothing fancy and it does the trick. Very affordable and clean.

We wanted to get some food and decided to walk around the neighbourhood to scout for potential lunch.

Passed by some stalls and saw more snacks.

snacks vendor stall

Wendy couldn't resist herself...

wendy and chocolate snack

Not sure what it's called, but it's some Thai chocolate snack that totally rocked our socks. I went back to buy like 5 packs later in the trip.

After what seemed like 20 minutes of walking and talking about boys, something caught my eye in the distance .

german pub hatyai

A German pub!

25 baht fish spa

With fish spa service!

And only 25 baht for 15 minutes! (That's RM2.50, cheap!!)

Girls do what girls do best, we went ahead.

me and wendy at a german pub

And I never thought I'd say this, but chilling in a German pub with your bare legs soaked in cool water full of fish nibbling up again you on a sunny afternoon while you have a girl talk was the most relaxing and enjoyable experience I ever had, with a girl I mean, most enjoyable experience I ever had with a girl.

hand in fish spa

wendy dipping

me dipping

colorful and my feet

wendy doing fish spa

Even better when it's with a beer.


All this for 25 baht + 70 baht (for beer), that's less than RM10.
Where else can you get an experience like that?

Like in the movie Zombieland where Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg (guy who acted as FB creator in The Social Network movie), Rule #32 - Enjoy the Little Things.

This was what described the best little things in life.

wendy drinking beer doing fish spa

me and wendy at fish spa

We ended our early afternoon over some Thai food at the bar.

wendy and fried rice

my lunch
My sandwich, rather sad looking but I aint complaining.

I know this is a cliche, but...

Beer = 70 Baht
Lunch = 75 baht
Fish Spa = 75 baht (45 mins)
A relaxing afternoon with best friend in Hat Yai and 25 baht fish spa = priceless.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

wendy beer and lunch

Don't forget to enjoy the little things. ;)

beer and finished lunch


6 kissed Nicole

  1. hey, that's a great way to relax without paying so much..~~ i wonder which part of Hatyai is that..?? =)

  2. share the name of the bar???

  3. it's called Gap's Garten. not too far behind JB hotel.

  4. thanks! will surly check it out when i go there next :) love your blog, btw :)

  5. thanks for the sharing..^^ <3 ya blog..!

  6. i love ur blog...really enjoy!! yeahhhh