Flying to Hat Yai with Best Friend

Couple of months back I brought my best friend to Hat Yai for the weekend, since she was so down because her jackass of a boyfriend (now ex) who was then clearly cheating on her (I'm just assuming, but since he's such an ass, I'll just say he's a ball-less jerk who broke up with her on the phone instead of face-to-face).

me and wendy

Wendy is pretty short compared to me, it's a wonder we've been friends for so long since we hardly share the same interest, lifestyle, taste in men, or even language. You see, she's the only friend I have these days whom I still speak Mandarin with.

I remember years ago we met at a random dinner and both of us were guests to the gathering dinner, we clicked and never stop chatting since.

She's the only girlfriend I have where our topics would MAINLY revolve around men, boys. boyfriends, dates, couple fights, etc.

Anyway back to the trip, I wanted her to get away from all her misery so I thought if I could fly her somewhere, for a short while, and not very far (she doesn't really fancy travelling) and perhaps she could take those miserable thoughts off her mind.

tiny shrine

On the day of departure, we ran into a little of obstacle. Like life would have it, things never go as they should have been planned.

airport crowd

My first Airasia airport system down encounter.

For over two hours, we were stuck at the airport with new incoming of passenger every 10 minutes. Soon the whole place was pretty much hot and crowded.

Smart me I have checked us in at the self-check counter so we have to wait two hours just to drop off our bags.

casey climbing into scanner

Baby fetched us there so he went to buy some breakfast for us to eat while waiting in boredom.

So what entailed for us in Hat Yai?

drinking water in car
our ride to the hotel, drinks served in the car.

I guess you have to wait for the next post. :p

*off to the track now, baby's racing in Sepang today*


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