Sun + sea + fireflies + divers + beers = great week

For those of you who have been following my tweets and facebook updates will know that I've went away for a week in a small coast village Donsol in Philippines.

It had been a fantastic fulfilling week of what would have been easily the most accidental unexpected satisfying trip ever.

moi & Travis

There were lots of sun and sea, there was fireflies river cruise with 15 bottles of beer among 6 random fun-loving strangers ready for a laugh, 6 amazing great divers that came across each other's fate on a day's boat dives full of crude jokes and laugh-till-death lines: 5-in-1 dildo, the cancerous tattoo (it's so totally a tattoo with a crab, horoscope my ass lol), hook-ups with stones, mantorgy (combined word for manta ray orgy apparently), etc.

Great dinner, even more alcohol, 'truth or dare' and many 'I've never's; oh beware, Travis will make you chicken dance around the resort in view of all guests lol.

fireflies and beers can never go wrong

damn cute kid would cover the eyes of the sleeping cat every time I flashed photo them. Such love. 

Why Donsol, you ask?
Well, it's a whale sharks sanctuary haven.

Google the word 'donsol' and you're flooded with images of all humanly attainable whale shark photos you can find.

whaleshark watcher, cool guy can stand under the hot blazing sun for 6 hours every day.

Yes, I saw one. ;)

Now I'm back in the comfort of Manila airport, after spending the morning sleeping in and a great dinner the night before, waiting to board my undetermined fllight; which I am so sure will be delayed because it has become a ritual on this airline.

A ritual everyone has to attend before departure. -.-

And to end the post, thanks to the random travellers on the trip for such a pleasurable experience.


To Gary for being a great travel companion who speaks fluent Tagalog (very useful), Megan the mad Londonist, Brant and Bill the awesome American duo, Mad the buff daddy-o from Romania, Gerry our awesome one-and-only Italian instructor in the area, Travis the tongue-sticking self-proclaimed world citizen, and the Malaysian diving super team (inside joke) for being Malaysians.

You guys made the trip fun. 


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Isn't there a video of the chicken dance? :P

  2. WP: no. i was busy laughing my head off. lol

  3. Donsol, Bicol...
    Whale sharks paradise... u might wanna check out Oslob, Cebu nxt time but the sighting will be totally diff...
    Awesome drift dive at Manta Bowl with chances to dive with manta ray and whale sharks...
    Amazingly friendly travelers and locals...
    And can't forget the most important stuff, beers are damn cheap here...

  4. Just curious. How do you get so much cash in travelling so many places in one year? Do you work during travel? What job is that.