Secret Trip for Mother's Day

So Mother's Day coming and my best friend and I decided to buy a trip for both of our moms together, with us bringing them.

What better gift can there be than having your own only daughter bring you to a weekend trip away.


My mom has been wanting for the longest time to go on a random trip, other than during Chinese New Year, and I've been wanting to bring her to one but kept putting it off.

This year, I thought to myself: 'fuck it, I'm bringing her." She's not getting any younger and the fact that she's complaining about the pain in her legs made me feel guilty that I've traveled so much. I brought her on trips before, but those were at least 2-3 years ago. So far we've gone on trips to Taiwan, Bali, Vietnam, Italy and France. But not all were completely sponsored by me, my mom forked out money too and some where by other means (contest, etc).

So I'd say this upcoming trip would be an official cover-all mother's day gift to my mom.

I also decided to drag my partner in crime along with it. So now it's a girls only trip, two moms, two daughters. It's going to be like baby-sitting each other throughout the trip. LOL.

I don't want to share where I'm bringing her in this post, least she checks it; but then I'm fairly sure she has a certain idea where I'll be bringing her. It's no rocket science, afterall, I did mention once or twice in the past before and she has been nagging me she wanted to go for a while now.

But you know, just to keep the suspense going, for the fun of it. lol. To be revealed...


What did you get for your mom on Mother's Day?
Share with me in the comments below.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. I'll be calling her to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, and asking her what she wants. Yeah, we do things that way in my family. :P