Maharaja Mac Mcdonald India


I made it a point to dine in every Mcdonald in countries around the world, and my latest expedition brought me to a Maharaja burger in New Delhi's Mcdonald, India.

India being India and beef being a big no-no in most meals, beefy Big Mac has morphed into the holy (and there lack of) Chicken Maharaja Mac.


Fascinating taste. Refreshing and nice at first bite, simply because it's a new taste to me.
But it's not something I would order again.

The patties were soft, and not very chicken-y in my opinion. Very seasoned soft artificial flavoured patties. It's nice at first, but then it gets urgh as you munch on. :S

I also ordered another odd meal which was the Big Spicy Paneer Wrap.


Which was REAAAAALLY SPICY. Oh god was it spicy. Not much other flavour other than spiciness.

Paneer is a form of soft white cheese that's very popular in Indian dish, it's sorta like cottage cheese.
It's basically a wrap with very little paneer and some tasteless chicken and lots of hot spice.

Worth a try. You know, just for the sake of claiming you've had Maharaja burger. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. even the wrap doesn't look appetizing the way they wrap it

  2. me too.. i also wish to try every country mcd, but until now i hvnt try any one of the mcd.