New Outfits Galore

I don't normally wear blogshops clothes because I had bad experience in the past where most of the items I ordered and sent to my doorstep was not what it cut out to be or turned out to be of cheap quality.

Contrast flare dress

Then recently I started wearing these items from Whitesoot and found them pleasantly good. I'm not sure if the blog shop markets have improved tremendously since I last checked years ago, but the quality was surprisingly good for something so affordable.

Maybe it's the age, but I've found myself dressing up in a more maturely manner as I found it more and more unacceptable to wear something cute and frilly. At least not for someone like me.

I'm not petite but tall and not exactly model-like skinny whom can pull something Anna Sui-like (lolita style) off; an average-body tall girl like me would look like she's trying too hard if ever she wears anything that's remotely cute.

It's a hard fact. :(

But I like how I look. I think I look my age, act my age (like, finally) and now, dress my age. ^^


Pair the dress with a black blazer cardi and I'm good to go for work; a fashionable work attire.

Black blazer cardi + Contrast flare dress
heels: Charles & Keith

I put it on out of modesty. *sheepish*

The other day I was attending some important interview so for the first time in god knows how many years I finally wore something really formal *cringe*.

But even that I couldn't go all traditional style with long sleeve shirt and pencil skirt. *double cringe*

So I opted for this.

White ruche drape shirt +
Black socialite dip back skirt
Heels: Zara

For modesty, again.

Chiffon cardi (olive green, I wanted an unusual color)


All from Whitesoot too. 

Apparently it wasn't very formal in the end either. Heh, guess I can never work in a professional work field. I will die wearing what they wear everyday. -.-

My favourite piece, however, also the piece that I never stop receiving compliments on whenever I wear it, is this ruche spotted maxi. ^^

this is actually the front, but I wore it at the back.

My front has this dip with a tie gap which would reveal my bra strap if I wore it at the back, so I wore a bra that pushes my cleavage and wore what was at the back to the front. :p

added sex appeal lol 

Max love this piece.

Everything was around RM40-70 per piece from Whitesoot, which was really affordable.
The maxi dress was only RM59.

I don't remember the last time I own a piece that's below RM100. Blame it on our weak currency and really attractive imported brands. T_T

Here are a few camwhore shots to end the post.




Love my curls in this one. 


6 kissed Nicole

  1. I think the first one looks reeeally nice! ^_^

  2. >> Love my curls in this one. >>> Agree with last pic + dress + curls !!! stunning

  3. Very pretty -- you and the dresses. :-)


  4. You looked nice in ALL your outfits.You naturally have a nice body!!!!!

  5. lovelove your hair in the last picture! :D