SK-II: Nicholas Teo & Limited Edition Suminagashi FTE Bottles

I was in for a surprise when Nicholas Teo showed up at Mid Valley dressed up top to toe in white.


It was the launch of the new limited edition festive Facial Treatment Essence bottles by SK-II, this time inspired by Suminagashi (Japanese floating ink). I'm a fan of the blue design bottle. If only I had a shelf to store all my limited edition SK-II bottles, it would be quite a display. 

They flew in a Suminagashi Sensei to perform live water floating ink on stage, and had us set up for a workshop where we dabbled with the water ink ourselves. Picture of the outcome attached below. 

Not before the dreamy 34-year-old Nicholas Teo performed a new number on stage. 
And he left too soon before I could shamelessly request for a selfie. Sigh...

I also won the flatlay IG contest (first image as seen above) and received a bottle of Mid-Day Miracle Essence. Yay! Not to mention walking away with a box of Bloomthis consisted of 5 large rose blooms (which I have cut and put up in a vase next to my bed now).

SK-II Suminagashi FTE Bottles

SK-II Suminagashi FTE Bottles
free inside scoop ice cream (which I never claimed)

Nicholas Teo singing
Nicholas Teo!

Nicholas Teo singing
Suminagashi sensei standing next to Nicholas Teo

SK-II Suminagashi

SK-II Suminagashi
place a paper on the water, and voila! floating ink becomes an art! 

SK-II Bloomthis 
Thank you SK-II and Bloomthis for the gifts. 


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