Labuan Bajo: port to Komodo island, Pink Beach, and Flores

The paradise of Indonesia lies in Flores.


Never heard of Flores? Neither have I before my Indonesia grand tour. 
I have heard of Komodo island and I have many diving friends who have visited Komodo and raved about it. 

Little did I know that Komodo island is just a tiny section in Flores, and the true beauty of Flores cannot even be summed up in words, so beware of the onslaught of scenic pornography you'll be receiving in this post. 

To start off, you'll land yourself in Labuan Bajo (Komodo Airport), the main island and port to the nearby islands in Western Flores. To get here you transit via Denpasar airport in Bali. 

Brief Itinerary: 
  • Fly into Labuan Bajo - check in, see sunset, eat sushi
  • Visit Komodo National Park - trek, see Komodo dragons
  • Pink Beach - snorkel, bbq, photography
  • Padar Island - trek, photography
  • Visit Loh Liang - lunch, guided treks, see nest of Komodo dragons
  • Kanawa Island - snorkel, beautiful corals

The above itinerary can be done in 3 days 2 nights, provided you opted for the shortest trek in each location. You can spend up to a week exploring with the same itinerary.

Here's a more elaborated itinerary if you have extra days to explore Flores: check out 15 best things to do in Flores.

I checked into La Prima hotel in Labuan Bajo after two flights from Lombok via Bali. The room comes with a stunning view of the ocean if your room happens to face the sea, with a pool to boot (alas mine was facing the street). Labuan Bajo consists of one street and very limited restaurants (most of which serve western cuisine), but get yourself to the sushi restaurant that you will be pleasantly surprised at how such fresh and delicious sushi can be served up in such a small remote harbour. Don't forget to head over early to catch a seat for the best sunset in the area at Paradise cafe, order a drink as courtesy.

The highlights of my trip were Pink Beach (gorgeous sand) and Padar Island (despite the gruesome insatiably hot trek, the view was stunning). What can I say, I'm attracted to blue sea.

Sunset view at Paradise Cafe, Labuan Bajo

Pink Beach


going for a swim at Pink Beach

Snorkelling at Pink Beach

view at the top of Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park Harbor

Padar Island - trek up was strenuous but worth it


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