P.S. Cafe @ Singapore


PS Cafe singapore

One of the first love for truffle shoe-string fries struck during my very first visit to P.S. Cafe at Dempsey Hill Singapore. It also launched my love for french fries in general, which till date I’m pretty sure it’s a bad thing. But oh it tastes so good.

PS Cafe singapore

I have since visited the place several times, with new friends and old friends and always order the same thing. And miraculously it was always drizzling whenever I was there. Which adds to the atmosphere since it’s half enclosed by trees. It’s romantic albeit a bit hot and humid on non-rainy days to be seated outside, regardless of the weather, count yourself blessed if you can secure a spot outdoor. Rain or not, it is rather romantic to be having your brunch, coffee or a cake here.

PS Cafe singaporePS Cafe singaporePS Cafe singaporePS Cafe singapore
Chocolate Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

P.S. Cafe
Address: 28B Harding Road, Singapore 249549
Phone:+65 9070 8782
Open today · 11:30 am – 10:30 pm


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