Welcoming 2015: Siloso Beach Party Singapore

Here's to another year of new year resolutions and leaving the baggages behind in 2014.

If I could sum up the year 2014 in one word, it will be: BUSY.

The year passed so quick and so hectic I didn't have time to travel (work trips didn't count), to socialise, to have fun. It was the busiest year I ever had, and 2015 will just be as packed. Running your own business tend to be like that, I guess. 

Last year my new year resolution was to be happy. It was perhaps the simplest resolution and also the hardest to achieve. Instead I got "busy". Which was good in a way because it gave me a sense of purpose in what I do, and you can't feel depress when you have a sense of purpose. So I suppose that sort of work in my favor? lol.

This year 2015 I also have but one simple resolution. To eat healthier. 
Again, a tough one to achieve. But also quite easy if you put your mind to it. 

This includes: 
No red meat
No junk food
No fast food
No fried food
Less dessert
More clean food
More water
More fruits
More vege
More bird nest (this I look forward to most hehe)
More collagen and antioxidant drink/food

Yup. Will start investing more in putting good food into my body. 

And hopefully I'll have time to incorporate a regular exercise regime into my schedule. No rush though, one step at a time, one big change each year. 

Since I have been so busy the entire 2014, I decided to welcome 2015 by driving into Singapore for a quick year end celebration at the Siloso Beach Party. Which in all honesty, I was going there for the fireworks only. Since I got tired of the fireworks in KL the past few years. 

It was a huge area and lots of DJs. The foam pool was fun but the clean freak in me prevented me for going all out in the foam. Despite the party vibe that was obviously present, the beach party was set on sentosa beach, which was completely sealed off for the party; meaning it was technically a sand party. The barrier was so high you couldn't even see the sea. One would also have to buy a min of sgd50 of voucher if you want to buy food or drinks, which I could see a lot of Singaporeans didn't mind paying, but was proving expensive for me since I don't really drink; and sdg50 is a lot to spend on a 5 dollar nachos. 

I also found out that I'm getting older. What with all the young music that I couldn't connect with: lyrics that consisted of 90% repeated words of "shot" and "fuck"; or repeated phrase of "I don't care", "I love it". 

Sigh. Time to retire from all these partying.

My only bottle of beer for the night, which I didn't even finish. Time has changed. 

My sdg5 waterproof handphone pouch just in case. 

testing out foam. Yep, that's foam flying into the night sky

witnessed a proposal at midnight. Such a nice notion, think about it, to have a public holiday falls on every anniversary that follows.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. The first four "no"s in your resolution are tough. I would settle for "less". :P

    All the best for the new year, Nicole! :)