White Elephant by British India

Here's a chance to accumulate karma points for the new year.
Giving a shout out to a CSR project launched by British India called White Elephant.

It's a charity driven shop in Publika where all the clothes were donated by mostly British India and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. They're also constantly looking for volunteers to look after the shop. Like most salvation shops, you can find some pretty good finds if you look hard enough, and nothing in the shop exceeds RM50, and at the time of writing, each piece of clothing is brand new and unwashed. So sometimes a typical old piece can spot yellow stains from long term storage.

I bought this oversized men's jacket for less than RM40. It's my go-to comfort smart-casual wear. Just fold out the sleeves and pair it with t-shirt and jeans/shorts. It's since worn it 3 times.

I love their handmade scented candles at RM10 each.


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