Universal Studio Singapore: Difference between Normal Pass and Universal Express Pass

So my life has taken an even more fascinating turn. I'll share it in due time. Or not. I'm not sure. I like how things are kept so private till date, and it has been going on for a year. I only share them out with friends who asked me about it.

Believe it or not, I'm usually a very private person and I hardly share my personal life and going-ons publicly. Heck I don't really even share the things that go on in my life with my close ones.
Like how I never told my brother about what I did for a living till 7 months after getting pretty serious about it, 3 months after with my mom, and 6 months after with my bff, and to others, well, they still don't know what's going on in my life.

I guess I would make a really horrible celebrity considering I don't know how to market myself.
I'm pretty self conscious, and a little low self-esteem (okay, a lot, something I've had since I was young), and unless I make a really huge impact, I could hardly see it as an achievement at all. You could say that I have very high expectation of myself? I don't know.

Coming back to the topic today. Following my arrival at Oasia Hotel Singapore, we retired early for the day and arrived early for USS the very next.

With Universal Express pass to boot.

So here's my verdict. Let me give it to you early in the post on the difference between the normal ticket and express pass.

First you have the Normal pass priced at SGD74. This is basic and you have to queue up for every ride, okay if it's during the weekday and you actually don't mind queuing for rides. The park isn't very big so it's possible to finish all the major rides if you start early on weekdays.

Then you have the Universal Express pass which is an additional fee from SGD30 (SGD50 during peak, like weekends) on top of SGD74. Which grants you a direct no-queue route to each ride ONCE. Definitely worth it if you think you're going to be visiting USS only one time and just happen to go on a weekend (like most tourists from Malaysia do). This pass allows you to finish the entire park, fast. With enough time to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Finally you have the Universal Express Unlimited which is extra SGD50 (SGD70 during peak) on top of SGD74. Well it's like universal express only that you get to go queue-free for all rides unlimited.

I went there with two other girlfriends of mine and the boyfriend of one of the girls. It was my first visit to USS since I've been to the one in Australia and I've never found the need to visit the one in Singapore which was smaller. But opportunity presented itself and there I was, spending a very short but quality trip with my girls.

Two rides worth going to USS for were:
The Mummy
Transformers (highly recommended, sit in front)

We did most of the rides, and spent a lot of time in shops browsing cute stuff from sesame street and minions and getting souvenirs. I had an mega slice pizza in one of the store on Sesame Street and some Elmo and Cookie Monster cookies.

my favourite monster! Cookie Monster!

grouchy was so adorable with his trash can

With 1.5 hour left, we manage to did S.E.A. aquarium and finished it. And took some enchanting jellyfish photos, just like everyone and anyone would in any aquarium around the world. It's the most graceful and calmest creature to take photos of. lol


2 kissed Nicole

  1. lovely picture dear....cant wait to go another holiday with u!!! i am so happy to have meet you and become bff!!! hugs!!

  2. Need another trip to USS! Two clearly isn't enough!! This time, I'd like to go to Dolphin Island.