Liposonix Treatmet: One Month Later


Exactly a month ago I went to Bangsar Ageless Medispa and did a non-surgical non-invasive liposonix treatment that uses ultrasound to remove the fats in the abdomen area.

Honestly, I could still remember the painful hour long treatment I went through whereas my friend didn't even feel a thing doing it (depends on individual). T_T But it was totally worth it.

This was me a month ago on the day of doing the treatment.

#latergram #ootd #fashion #outfitoftheday #oasos #lotd #lookoftheday #clozette @femalemag #FMGphotoaday

I know it's not obvious, it was supposed to be a good slim day for me (no bloating, no water retention, clear bowel wtf, etc), but if you peek closely at my tummy area in the black dress, you can witness this little bulge.

Which says a lot because black supposed to make you visually slim.

This is me now (well, technically few days ago).

Ootd. The whole look. #missselfridge #dress #fashion #lotd #lookoftheday #outfitoftheday

Ootd. New look. New hair. #haircolor #ootd #lotd #outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #fashion #missselfridge #ashblonde #grey
Oh, check out the new hairstyle. Loving this chic crop.

And necklace from Ollie Jewellery. I should show you this ring I got from them, it's a stunner. Maybe in the next post.

A month after my liposonix treatment. #latergram #lookoftheday #liposonix #outfitoftheday #lotd #ootd #fashion #missselfridge
I gave it a bit more saturation to this photo so maybe the hair color here turned out a little bit more blonde-ish than it's supposed to. It's actually more accurate in the photo above.

Focus on my tummy. No bulge whatsoever. It has diminished substantially, and this is a very tight dress fyi.

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of my naked tummy atm, perhaps when I'm more confident in two more months when the Liposonix takes full effect I'll show you a before and after photo comparison.


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