New Hair Color: Chic Crop with Adjusted Grey

The problem with coloring your hair is maintenance, it's such a bitch.

Almost every woman went through this: you walk out of the salon with picture-perfect hair, all bleached, treated, colored and blown nicely. You get home, and have beautiful gorgeous mane for two days, then you wash it and boom! The color fades a little. A few weeks later, the color your had is gone, if not completely. Leaving you with an altered, slightly deranged color that looked somewhat bleached out: ugly shade of orange, dirty blonde, etc. What's worse? Dark roots started growing out! It's a good thing ombre is a thing now, you have excuse to procrastinate that color touch up.

My point with this?

Well, I just want to rant. Doesn't stop me for experimenting with hair colors though, a great reason to have a different hair every month or so.

This month, I decided to go for adjusted grey. It looks ash blonde-ish but it's more grey than ash. Which, if colored wrongly, will make you look older, like old people with grey hair.

Waiting to color my hair. #noedit #nofilter
Waiting to have my hair colored.

After bleach, before coloring. My butt is so sore from sitting. Bring it on! #shunjimatsuo #montkiara
After bleaching.

This was a looooong visit to the salon. I sat on this chair for more than 6 hours that day, though I appreciate the effort the stylists put on my hair to make it look pretty with as little damage as possible. Which was, surprisingly, effective (the not damaging my hair part).

Revealing... my new hair color!

New hair color. #haircolor #bleach #grey #ash #blonde

Full OOTD with this hair color in the next post. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. pretty~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. can we coloring our hair just like yours, but without bleaching???