Bali Day 1: Seeking Inspiration & Cost-Saving Taxi Driver

Just arrived at my first Airbnb stay, in Bali.

Leaving on a jet plane. Never coming back. #travel #holiday #runaway

I’m no alien to Airbnb, I have spent an unhealthy amount of time virtual travelling through some of the most gorgeous and unique stays offered by actual home owners around the globe. I almost broke my Airbnb virginity last year during my Eastern Europe trip till I broke my ankle. Then that was the end of it.

Now I’m staying in a random stranger’s home, situated in the most awkward alley in some unknown area close to the Sanur beach; which house a beautiful small pool surrounded by luscious greens and a pool deck where I foresee myself spending a hideous amount of time catching up on my readings, and of course, painting.

To those of you who don’t know this, I have fully jumped into the art scene and this is my first trip away from homeland to do some inspiration drawings. A work trip, if you may, or a soul-searching trip; or both. It’s hard to tell when your income is based on a relaxing activity that requires you to be at your most peaceful self, it is when inspirations hit fastest.

Speaking of which, I almost had an infuriating moment with my taxi driver. Even though hired through the airport counter, and I know I’m paying slightly more expensive than the usual rates stated on many forums online, this taxi driver was doing everything he can to cut cost.

I arrived in Bali in the heat of the mid-afternoon and after spending too much time in the comfort of my air-conditioned home back in Malaysia, I almost melted under the intense heat and very close to being blinded by the blazing sun. And he did nothing to help but to try to switch on the air-conditioning in his car whenever he thinks I’m not looking. WTF? Dude, it’s fucking hot in here. Of course I bloody hell notice, even if you switch it on for like 1 minute!

When I got onto the car, he didn’t want to switch it on, so I asked him to, considering I have paid 50% more of what I should have paid, and if I didn’t want the comfort of an air-conditioned taxi, I could have taken a more localized means of transport. He did reluctantly switch on to the weakest power, power 1.

After 5 minutes, I couldn’t take the building up heat in the car and the pollution on the road was so heavy I don’t want to risk breathing in traffic fumes so I asked him to turn it up. He flicked slowly to power 2. Wtf.

I’m beginning to think he’s never going to switch it on to power 3 or even 4. Nevermind. Fine. Power 2 is fine.

Then some 8-10 minutes later, he switched it off!

I was annoyed but said nothing and asked him to turn it up. He said okok then switch it on, to power 1. -.-

Then he switch it off 10 minutes later, again!

This ping-pong action between us occurred for like 3-4 times when he decided to get lost! WTF?!

Then to make matters worse, he left the car to ask for direction, with the engine on, but the aircond OFF!


I decided to give in and wind down the window. But then the nearby kids that were playing football stopped what they were doing and started crowding the car, and few even purposely kicked the ball in the direction of the car as a tease. I was worried they kick the ball through the window and hit my face, so I wound up the window. It was still too hot. This time I decided to take matters into my own hands. So I leaned in to switch on the aircond to power 2, in case I pissed him off for switching it to power 3.

1 minute later he came back to the car. And the first thing he did was to switch off the aircond! And then reverse the car to get into the right land.

I was finally so pissed I told him it’s too hot and if he doesn’t want to switch on the aircond, I wasn’t going to pay him.

That did the trick.

Even though the remaining ride was just one minute. T_T

He only missed a turn that led to my stay for the next one week.

Anyway, the biggest surprise arriving at my stay was to discover that the house doesn’t have any internet connection. But also surprisingly, I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would.

It was a great opportunity for me to stop playing my iPad, iPhone and surf the net for a while and really do catch up on myself.

Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, and I need this break from all this technological “stress” I have every day.

So it's ironic that I'm in Starbucks now surfing the net and posting this post (ok, maybe just a little internet a day) while trying out their food menu here: Pandan Coconut Brule Cake, Smoked Beef Quiche and SKIM MILK green tea latte (why don't we have skim milk option in Starbucks Malaysia). Yes I have a thing for Starbucks. As seen in my trip to Starbucks Beijing

My Bali Starbucks dinner. Pandan coconut cake and smoked beef quiche. And skim milk green tea latte! #starbucks #travel #bali #art #holiday #sanur #sanurbeach

Oh, and mom called.

I haven’t told her I’m here.
Sorry mom.

It was kind of a last minute decision. I love you.


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