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By Shaz Mukhtar (if you know a Shaz Mukhtar, it's the younger brother, as I've just found out).

I have received a number of entries and just when I was deciding on a winner, Shaz's entry came in and I thought, yes it's a cliche, but gosh there's nothing more deserving than a tale of a college sweetheart.

Here's his story:

My special moment happened on the 3rd day of Pre-U studies. That Monday morning was just a normal morning like any other morning except that since it's our first chemistry lab session we kinda of went to the lab 30minutes earlier just to give a good impression to the lecturer. But my main point here is, my special moment happened during that 30minute wait. While waiting with my other newfound classmates, I suddenly noticed a girl passing by and stood beside the lab door. I don't know why but I felt a little weird emotionally. That girl her name is Hwee Ching, a teenage girl hailing from Kuala Terengganu. Who knew she'd make a big impact on my life since our first chemistry lab session.

The rest of the story goes on like this. After about 3 weeks or so, we were assigned together for our MPW assignment. We didn't talk much but later on at night, things started to well bloom all of a sudden. From that day onwards, we kept on talking and sms-ing each other. We'd go out for lunch and dinner together along with our other friends ofcourse. 

Then sometime around October which is the 2nd month of college, we started to have late night chats, sms. whatsapp, you name it we've done it. By now, I think we both might have noticed we're flirting with each other. Even some of our friends started to get suspicious especially since I sms her while I'm in class and she's hanging out in her friend's room.

All good things will come to an end. One night in November just before our finals started, our group of friends had a BBQ party and after we were don eating, we played truth or dare. I didn't participate cause I was busy BBQ-ing the last of the remaining food but she did. When it was her turn, she chose truth (based on what I heard from the BBQ pit). One of our friend asked her who has she been sms-ing with from morning till late night. She admitted it was me. Maybe it was because of that or something else that I don't know but we kinda of talked less since that day.

But things were back to normal after our finals. During the semester break, every morning we'll sms each other Good Morning with a smiley and some sweet words same goes at night if you consider 3am night xD hahahaha

Our flirting went on for the next 4 months of our 2nd semester. But at times, we got bolder. At night around 10pm or so we'll try to sneak away from our friends at go for walks around the hostel compounds or go for late night supper. We bumped into another couple(our friend) from time to time during our walks. 

And now, May 2013 is our 3rd and final semester. Throughout the 2 week semester break, I thought about a lot of things, asked around and planned on how to finally confess to her. Spent a few sleepless nights, asking her close frineds if she ever thought or felt the same way. In conclusion, she did.

With that, on the 8th of May 2013. I organised errr you could say quite grand party on the roof of our student centre building. Rose petals were scattered everywhere on the floor, scented candles laid along a path that she'll be taking to walk towards the benches on the roof. Her friends were kind enough to go along with the plan and take her out for dinner while the rest helped to decorate the venue. 

When she returned from dinner, her best friend Emily asked her out for a walk (secretly it was to make her walk towards the student centre rooftop). On the way, I set up 11 guys to give her a single rose stalk (the 12th rose is with me). The moment she opened the door to the rooftop, she was so shocked and surprised to the point that she was stunned and couldn't walk. Her friends has to hold her hand and make her walk along the scented candle pathway. When she reached the end of the pathway, she saw the letter I left for her. (She read the contents outloud since it was an instruction I left). The moment she said the last word, I appeared from behind with the final 12th rose and kneeled down infront of her and infront of all our friends (I was shaking due to nervousness). Finally, confessed to her with these magic words "Hwee Ching, do you think we can be more than just friends? At that moment she was already crying and I heard our friends shouting say YES! Well after waiting for about a few seconds, she said yes 

So yeah, that's the story of the starting of our relationship an interacial relationship to be exact. Something that is very rare in Malaysia but we both don't mind and since that day have talked about certain things so that we don't encounter any problems during our relationship.

Congratulations to Shaz and his new girlfriend on winning this pair of Love Moment Watches.
You deserve it.


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  1. Wow...that is one sweet story... :)

  2. so sweet of fairy tale lah.congratulation to both of them.