Vanity Trove - Your Every Month's Beauty Kit

When I first heard about Vanity Trove last year, I thought it was a great idea.

Vanity trove
January 2013 edition.
Pardon the blurry photo, taken with my iPad. At that point my phone was in the room charging. 

It's basically a company that sends out these little gifts of beauty products, mainly targeting female crowd, every month when you subscribe to it, you will receive a Vanity Trove at your doorstep every month. The brilliant part is you have no idea what sort of products you will be receiving each month.

Consider it as a present to yourself, or a girlfriend, or a bff. A monthly little surprises that will put a smile on your face.

This is how I receive my Vanity Trove every month.

2013-02-22 14.12.41

2013-02-22 14.12.58

2013-02-22 14.13.45

2013-02-22 14.14.10

2013-02-22 14.14.35

2013-02-22 14.14.49

I like the fact that it comes in this pretty little box covered with confetti and shredded paper of diff color each month, all the items neatly arranged when you open it. It does feel like someone wrap this as an intended present just for you.

And I get to try all these cool new products I have never tried before, every single month. Most of them I would never have bought them personally because let's face it, how often does one buy everything off the beauty market at a full bottle just to sample it.

This month I got a lot of facial products. All I find very useful. Especially two of them targeting my pore problems which I've been dealing with.

2013-02-22 14.17.10

2013-02-22 14.17.28
I actually have this but yay, now I have a travel size pack.

2013-02-22 14.17.44
Stemcell BB cream? Interesting.

2013-02-22 14.18.08
Stemcell is the trend now.

2013-02-22 14.16.25

2013-02-22 14.15.44

Free candy in a cute box.


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