Rainy Afternoon & OOTD Japan

What a glorious beautiful day. 

The heavy rain in the afternoon washed up the town and left the city with this after-rain breath of fresh air. It's so refreshing. After an early morning, a good lunch at a Japanese restaurant, a good nap and a good walk on the treadmill, it's already the evening. I wish the day would last longer. 

It's so nice reading a book in the after-rain post work out. 

Here's an ootd during my CNY in Tokyo, Japan

harajuku haul

Harajuku heart shape sweater

bought from harajuku

japanese look

japanese look

japanese kawaii

Heart shape sweater: Harajuku, Japan

Flowy skirt: Harajuku, Japan
Thermal turtle neck: Uniqlo

Black tights: Zagreb, Croatia


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