Belated Valentine's Dinner + OOTD

2013-02-18 20.10.28

Recently I visited Mandarin Grill as a celebration of a belated Valentines dinner, since I was sleeping throughout the day on Valentines day itself (having just returned from Japan that early morning).

They have changed a new chef and has apparently improved their food quality, which from where I was dining, I took a peek through the kitchen glass and saw the young Swiss head chef was pretty good looking, tall and fit. And I heard he is single, so single ladies out there... LOL

2013-02-18 20.10.51

For the night I donned on my new Mango black gown bought over the new year's and my Victoria's Secret glittery clutch. It was my first visit to Mandarin Grill.

2013-02-18 20.46.33

2013-02-18 20.46.55

2013-02-18 20.47.23

2013-02-18 20.56.36 HDR
Love their bread. Cute and flavorful. Three flavors: regular, onion and charred.

2013-02-18 20.57.25
Complimentary entree

2013-02-18 21.06.29
buffalo cheese with tomatoes. This was mad yums

2013-02-18 21.27.19
my cod

This came out almost raw initially, so had it sent back to the kitchen with the manager apologizing profusely (o.O, he even bowed his head at the end), and was promptly replaced with a new one perfectly poached.

2013-02-18 21.27.31
Risotto which I had a taste, it was nice but if you're going to finish the whole plate, it might get a little rich.

I loved the dessert the most: chocolate sphere. Presentation was interesting.

2013-02-18 22.13.02

2013-02-18 22.13.09

2013-02-18 22.13.14

2013-02-18 22.13.17

2013-02-18 22.13.23

2013-02-18 22.13.27

2013-02-18 22.13.47

Inside was a yogurt sorbet and raspberry sauce. But the chocolate sauce was divine.

In the end the manager decided to offer the dessert I ordered complimentary because of the cod dish mistake. Which was a surprisingly nice gesture.

I would like to return to Mandarin Grill again. Such a pleasant evening. 

2013-02-18 22.33.58

2013-02-18 22.35.51

2013-02-18 22.35.25

Dress: MNG
Clutch: Victoria's Secret
Heels (which cannot be seen here): Massimo Dutti
Earrings: Chanel 

Necklace: overseas 


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Ooooh, I really like the dark hair on you....very pretty. Gorgeous dress too!