United Buddy Bears Charity Gala Dinner

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Soooo... I've been absent.

Been too engrossed with my new form of life lately, meeting up with friends, hanging out, attending events, gala dinners, painting, shopping, etc.

It's so surreal I felt almost disconnected to this internet world. What is this internet? I heard about it once upon a time. Lol.

Okay la, not bad la. I still update my instagram on a daily basis via my phone; which links to my twitter and my facebook.

A quick update on my life: I just got back from Singapore; heading to Ipoh 3D2N for a drum festival this Sunday; going on a local radio tomorrow morning; have a dinner to organise with the girls this Friday; a shooting/filming thing going on this Saturday; a big painting to complete before the end of the month; a trip to plan before I fly off to India for three weeks early next month; a laptop to review (a super fast and even lighter laptop); amongst other boring things.

This post I want to talk about a recent charity gala dinner I attended at JW Mariott.

Bet most of you KL peeps are familiar with the United Buddy Bears placed all over in front of Pavilion for the past three months;

photo 7

well they've been travelling the world and Malaysia is the 16th country they've travelled to. Promoting unions and friendship and peace around the world, and also raise funds and host charity events for the countries they visited.

photo 9
Malaysian Buddy Bear! Have you seen it?

The charity gala dinner that was held in JW Mariott last week has its seats sold at RM1500 per pax, where guest of honor Sultan of Selangor was present, along with famous singers like Dan Hill (one who sang "Sometimes when we touch").

photo 10
all rose for the Sultan

Like every charity dinner, there was auction. They auctioned off three 1-meter buddy bear and few more miniature buddy bears.

And like most big charity dinner, there's always the generous contributors.

This bear went for RM30k. Second piece!

photo 6
KL skyline

The smaller ones went for RM2-10k indivually. Which was pretty impressive.

photo 8

photo 19
funny emcee that was the life of the evening

photo 16

It was an impressive event, efficient, generous crowd, fast servings, funny emcee, good singers, the only thing I had to complain was the food.

It was bla~

For an invite as expensive as one and a half grand, the food was pretty mediocre. If it meant more going to the proceeds, then I was fine by it.

photo 11

photo 12
the only yummy dish

photo 13
so bland... pea soup? Where's the pea taste? and what truffle?

photo 14
tender, but bland as well, needed salt which the table doesn't have.

photo 20
dessert was pretty good. But I can't handle food that's overly sweet these days. The coconut creme brulee could do with less sugar, despite it being really delicious, I could only manage two mouthfuls.

I suppose by now the buddy bears are gone (or disappearing slowly), and the next city they're visiting will be New Delhi! The city I'm visiting next month! Unfortunately they're only going to showcase on the days I'm leaving delhi. :(

Would be cool to see them in another country again.

Here's a photo of me to end the post abruptly. :p

photo 17

All photos taken with my iPhone so pardon the blur-ness


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