Crazy Art

I realised I haven't posted a professionally taken photo of my biggest art work thus far.

Crazy Art.

You know, the one that got auctioned off.

Well, more story ahead.

Apparently I got called in to appear for Bella on NTV7, for the second time last month, to talk about my art (not for the second time).

Anyway this is the piece.

no10 (crazy art)30x40

"Crazy Art"
Acrylic on Canvas

When I was invited as a guest to talk on Bella NTV7, I knew I just had to bring this piece to show. None other than my first auditioned piece of art.

So I contacted the buyer and had the painting delivered to the studio.

photo 1
the other guest talked about taking up art as a hobby. She paints on shoes and sells them online. Pretty cool.

My hosts that day were Liza Wong (who was really friendly) and Elayne Daly; both really professionaly interviewers; and really hot to boot.

photo 3

photo 2
slouchy mindless laugh while we're between commercials.

It was fun talking about art on air, not to mention the immense satisfaction that it was piece of my own. The experience certainly gave a boost to my confidence on what I want to do for a living, or as a hobby.

The painting is now hanging on the wall of the meeting room in Veritas Design Group. ^^

In the mean time, I'm now working on a big piece, which I hope will be done before I fly off to India next month.


6 kissed Nicole

  1. Let me guess -- the pic is a reflection of the tangled and chaotic web of your life? :-)

  2. love your artwork. Keep it up !

  3. Was the title meant to be spelled as Crazt or was it a typo? :|

  4. crazenne: it was spelt wrongly. thanks for highlighting it out!

  5. if i know how to judge painting :P