Pink Coach Sneakers

I had a friend brought in some sneakers from the states for me lately.

They're from Coach!

pink coach sneakers

I'm so totally in love with them now. They're the most comfy pair of sneakers on the street!
They're also very fitting so your feet look small in them. I'm a size 8.
But most importantly... this one's in PINK!

pink coach sneakers 2

pink coach sneakers 3

Thanks Shopforlove!

I also got another pair in grey.

silver coach sneakers

I posted on my twitter and facebook before (& instagram).

photo 3
with filter (instagram)

photo 2
without filter

Aren't they gorgeous?
What's your favourite pair of walking shoes?


2 kissed Nicole

  1. wow! such a nice pair of shoes. You are relishing it.

    For me, Adidas, walking shoes is preferred. Perhaps even more better walking in bare foot.

  2. Those are very nice shoes that you've got there.

    I just got a pair of Merrell Chameleon 4 shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes that I've ever had. They are light, waterproof (Gortex), and have really good, gripping soles. You should definitely try a pair! :-)