Open Relationship

I've been thinking a lot about relationships lately, by lately I meant these couple of years. And was surprised at how much I have changed, in terms of perspectives and views.

A friend confessed to me couple of years ago how he'd allowed his girlfriend to have an open relationship, I was dumbfounded to say the least when I first heard about it. Being surrounded by people of traditional values, it was bizarre and mind-blowing knowing someone I know who find it completely acceptable that his girlfriend have friends with benefits. All the more bizarre that he himself isn't really into the idea, at least not onto himself.

I'm not a judgemental person, at least I no longer am. And it's a never ending journey to continue to learn not to, given the oddest scenarios.

It's surprisingly how a couple of years can change a person.

I can't stand people who always stand on the higher ground and try to exert their beliefs and moral values on others like life should be that way. I don't judge them, I just think everyone has their own rights to see life the way they see it. Nothing is a certain way. And everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, with consequences of course.

All over the internet, people condemn women who got involved with married men, or vice versa. Few websites have the decency to keep the snarling to themselves and advise from professional point of view; which can be most englightening. It's amazing what one can analyse and conclude when putting bias views aside.

Afterall, we're all humans, we're born irrational beings who make mistakes and never realise it's a mistake, in some cases, despite everyone pointing out you're wrong. Truth in fact, nothing is a mistake. It's life. And life is full of tough decisions, you never know if you would be one out of the odds to survive what everyone else deem a stupid decision that will result with a definite downfall. Some people pull through certain tough decision and they're deemed the heros, or the risk takers.

The odds are, some people do get happiness out of an affair with a married man, be it he leaves his wife or not.

Or couples in open relationships turn out to have a more honest and stable relationship than monogamy couples do.

Or liars and cheaters (money or love) to get away with their misfeats and lead a happily ever after life with no regrets, whereas on some occassions victims are the one who suffer.

Yes they have to live with themselves, go to hell after death, yada yada, etc. You have to give it to them, they're willing to live with the consequences, and the odds are consequences never occured to them. And if they're self-absorbed enough, they won't even feel bad.

It does make me wonder what happened to the conman who ran off with my RM15,000, along with few millions of other victims money. There's always a chance he would never get caught, raise his kids up happily and each of them a successful lawyer/doctor/noble prize winner who went on to contribute to the world.

It can happen.

I'm rambling out of topic here.

lyon lion
taken in Lyon, France

My final question is...
Are you open to an open relationship?


7 kissed Nicole

  1. i still do not agree with polygamy and open relationship. maybe because i am old fashioned type of girls. haha fml

  2. i still do not agree with polygamy and open relationship. maybe because i am old fashioned type of girls. haha fml

  3. No! I don't want an open relationship...'cos I'm selfish that way. I want my guy all to myself! ;)

  4. How bout this question: Should a person deserved to be loved wholly and fully by one person?

    If a goes to someone else to satisfy their desires and lust than their own partner, what would be the meaning of the current relationship? Does it still count as relationship?

  5. Bah... who needs 1 to 1 relationships? Only insecure people have monogamous relationships. I'm open to any man who wants me bad enough and my men are welcome to any women they want. Guys who say they want you to be loyal just say that so that they can eat the whole buffet while they limit you to one dish.

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  7. hmm... i m ok with open relationship.
    we just got 24 hours. sometime we are in different places. we cant company each others when we needed someone to listen or hugging us..
    Friend with benefit just right in time and also will make us become more honest and stable relationship..