Yes, please. Herpes first aid to go.

herpes handiplast

I don't know which is more worrying. The fact that herpes is that common, or the fact that herpes isn't that big of a deal anymore.

"Yes, daugther, you contracted herpes. Now go to the drugstore and get yourself one of those sticky thing. That'll solve everything."

And for chocolate lovers out there, fear not, 'loving' has come in a more convenient packet.

chocolate addiction condoms

Now you can taste better too during those intimate moments. Just pop these chocolate flavours condoms on for those chocolate additions you have.

And this is the fanciest Mcdonald I've ever seen.

fancy mcdonald
McDonald fonts in gold. Really?

This was spotted in the city I wanted you to guess.

Have you guessed where I was in the previous post yet?

Well I shall reveal it in my next post if you haven't already. It's not that hard to get, considering I've leaked out some info elsewhere by now.


5 kissed Nicole

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  3. It is Porto, Portugal. :)

  4. The 'sticky thing' is for cold sores which is extremely common. It's caused by a form of herpes but isn't the same thing as genital herpes. It's so easy to get that most people wouldn't know where they got it from. Most likely you'd get it from your parents or another relative kissing you when you were a kid, or even by sharing chapstick with someone. It's annoying when it appears (usually when you're stressed) but otherwise harmless :)

  5. If you actually look at the statistics for herpes, the people who don't have a form of herpes are actually in the minority.

    So it's a tad unusual that it has a stigma, that has actually only been perpetrated in the last 50 years perhaps...