In Memory of Kory and Princess

It's been hard to swallow since last Friday when I received news that my beloved Kory has passed.

Her death was unknown but most probably due to sickness that didn't even seem the slightest bit severe. It was sudden, but it was shocking to me.

Every night since that day I have been thinking and dreaming of her, of how I made a lot of promises to myself that I would walk her more often, bring her to places, bring her go swimming.

I told her two weeks ago, right after a short walk in foreign neighbourhood, that the next time I see her I would bring her out on a walk again. She seemed so eager and happy back then, with eyes full of hope, I was sure, a grin, that only Kory could do. Now I had to live with that regret, and that promise; which was meant to be fulfilled a day after her passing. I meant to head back on Saturday, I should have gone back sooner; and then on Friday, she was gone.

My maid cried the hardest. She was her best friend, she brought her everywhere, to pasar malam, out for a walk or even just watching the evening sky went by. It took her two whole hours to recover before she could phone my mom to announce to her Kory's death. We couldn't say if she went away peacefully, she didn't seem to go through a lot of suffering, two coughs, some difficulties breathing, and she went, on the cold floor in our dining hall.

I remembered the day when Kory came to five years ago. She was introduced via some mutual friends, her previous family, for some reasons, had to give her away, so she was with a foster family for two weeks before she came to me.

And by god she was the loveliest little darling I've ever set my eyes on, despite being two years old (by estimate) then and after transferred between two families, she was obedient, loyal and very loving; obviously very well trained before. She was love at first sight for me, and I have never fell so hard for a dog since I was seven.

I brought her straight back to my family home, where Princess was waiting, a fiesty independent Persian whom we suspected had been ill-treated by her previous family before she wound up in the shelter, she was given to me, and I brought her back to my family.

Princess was a handful, but we loved her none-the-less, with immense patience, much thanks to my family whose acceptance was most unpredictable; you see, my parents didn't really like cats, but they gave Princess a lot of attention, over the years, she has grown more tame, more susceptible to us, she wouldn't bite and scratch that much, albeit for fun which could make us cry and laugh at the same time, with a lot of attitude and temper, she became very loyal; the most loyal a cat could ever been.

Princess would go for morning walks with my mom and Kory, without a lease! Have you ever heard of a cat going for a morning walk with her master without lease?! I never, it was the first. My mom was smitten. I'd like to believe that Princess was one of the major reasons my mom got healthier; from all those pleasant morning walks, which she (mom) doesn't do too often anymore since she went. :(

The odd duo made me laugh a lot. Like the time they made me so proud when Princess caught a poisonous snake, brought back and invited Kory to play with her. Poor snake was mangled to death by a dog and a cat. Or the time they fight for attention when one comes to you when you call out the name of the other.

Two weeks before Princess' passing, while I was still far away on a long travel, she sat on top one of the pillars holding the front gate everyday, according to my mom, waiting for my return, and then she went.

We suspected she was poisoned by nearby kids; but she behaviour prior to her death said otherwise. It was as if she knew.

Kory lost appetite for half a month following that; they were very attached to each other, and became very reserved ever since, even towards another new pet that came to the family a year after.

Now two odd years has passed since Princess went, Kory followed. Both of them went around the age of seven, too young for pets to go, too soon for me to accept.

It's still kind of hard to learn that I will no longer go back a house of Kory or/and Princess. And tears will shed when I curl up at night in bed thinking back of the good times.

You existence might not mean anything to anyone, but to me, you will always be remembered; and you will always be special.

Thank you for all the times you have given me, the laughters you have brought me and all the scratches and bite marks that you (Princess) have incurred on me.

In memory of my beloved Kory and Princess, this post is dedicated to both of you, so you will always be remembered.


kory 1
Kory's signature handshake

princess 1



princess 2

I love you Kory.
I love you Princess.



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  1. sorry to hear that :(

  2. We all have pets. I reared Bully, a mix-breed Labrador when I was single. He suffered from heart worms and had to be put down. Since then, I have not reared another pet. It is just painful to see them go.........

    My condolences for Kory.

  3. really sorry to hear for ur lost, pets is incredible being. i lost several thorough out my childhood and the pain is the equivalent with losing a human being. they are amazing creatures. no matter what we do, they always going to be there for you wagging their tails xo

  4. I cried reading this entry.. can't imagine if my beloved kitty leaves me one day :(