New Hair Color

I took the plunge and went for something darker, finally.

I've always wanted to go fairer, blonder, as some would say it, fun-er? It's something to do with the first time I dyed my hair 10 years ago, fresh out of high school and into college, and immediately my lock of hair brought me identity I've never had in senior years.

I was different, the odd of the group, the unique one, and I liked the attention.

It's not to say I've never went back to black mane, in fact I did go back to black around seven years ago and didn't quite like it.

This time, I consulted a few friends on what color should I opt for. Blonder or darker.

Surprisingly, of the five guys I've asked, all asked me to go BLACK. No darker, but completely coal pitch black.

So I walked into a saloon few days ago, and asked the stylist to give me something, not black black, cause I've tried that and didn't like it, but some alternative to our usual asian black hair.

Here's the result.

new hair color

The exact name of the color is 'Ash'.

Kinda liking it.


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