A Little Bit of Hot Chocolate

I stumbled upon this cafe that served all sorts of hot chocolate drink in a little alley in Madrid, Spain.

It always has to be a little alley. :)

super thick chocolate drink

I didn't know the name of the shop, but I remember the street it was on, because I took of a photo of it. ^^

the street of the chocolate drink shop

chocolate drink cafe

I love the warmth of hot cocoa, and also the heater in the cafe, on a chilly winter night.

We came back the next day, locating the same street, and ordered our second cup of hot cocoa for a late night dessert.

croissant and super thick chocolate drink
with croissant. yum

so rich you can dip in it.

The menu was pretty extensive. I wanted to order at least ten types of hot cocoa off it.

menu 1

menu 2

menu 3

Unfortunately, I only have stomach for one. :(

break dipping in hot cocoa

Best form of midnight snack in winter, ever.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Looks lovely...it's so thick it's like a chocolate cream instead of a drink.

  2. Hi Nicole! I hope you remember the store. It looks really amazing there and they have a really great list in their menu.

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