Reebok Cardio Ultra & Aveda Shampure Body Lotion

Reebok Cardio Ultra

Reebok cardio ultra

My body combat instructor friend Steven Goh one day called me up and asked if I would like a pair of Reebok.

It was the right timing as my last pair of running shoes split on me.
The shoe came in bright neon yellow. Which I really didn't mind since I've always like neon color trainers. I would imagine this pair to be suitable only for indoor running though. With our rainy weathers, it would get stained permanently too fast too soon. Which is all fine since the rain has not stopped visiting us on a daily basis since the beginning of the year.

Reebok cardio ultra

The shoes for one were pretty comfortable to wear. Shoe tongue (the flap underneath the shoe lace) is thin but very comfortable and allow easy ankle movement. The Turnzone design at the bottom allow the foot to turn and pivot smoothly. The cushioning is made from a three foam combo that will eliminate impacts during running. Rather light. Overall, a pair of decent kicks.

Reebok cardio ultra


Aveda Shampure Body Lotion

I spoke about Aveda before and how I like the concept and idea behind the brand.
Like all Aveda products, the shampure body lotion is made from natural organic ingredients and scented with ylang-ylang and lavender (very herbal zen and classy scent). It's said to be made with 25 pure flower and plant essences, it would be like soaking oneself in a flower haven.

Average shampure

I'm a sucker for body lotions. I have more body lotions in my drawers than I have make-ups.
So this was definitely something I'll use on a daily basis.

Average shampure

The cream texture is soft and light and easily spreadable. Slight stickiness but once spreaded out and massaged, it has a pretty moisturising effect, great on aged skin (such as mine) or for skin under long hours of air-conditioning exposure.

One small dollop (as photo above) could go a long way. I thought I squeezed enough for a hand, but turned out that dollop was enough to spread through my entire arm.

Average shampure
That 200ml bottle can be used for quite a while.


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