Hair Thickening and Restructuring Treatment: Instacure by Hareta Hair Salon

The journey of my hair

The journey of my hair

Yes a beach holiday is ultimate fun.

So is coloring your hair and have a different hairdo every month.

Combine the two you'll have a nightmare.

The journey of my hair

I used to have thick luscious dark hair, and was proud of it. Then two years ago I decided to start bleaching my hair. My hair has been thinning drastically which each bleach and color session.

The journey of my hair
Hair looks nice only after a blow-out. But look how it is.

Then it got almost impossible to comb while its wet because it'll just tangle into a messy bunch, too thin to comb through and too easy to break.

Sunny from Hareta mentioned to me about a special treatment called Instacure a while back that it helps restructure and redefine hair texture, targeted towards very damaged hair or bleached hair. I phoned him up immediately on my return to KL from Redang and declared all hope lost for my hair and asked him to perform his miracle treatment on me.

The journey of my hair
It's cold ironing.

This is before and after.

Before and after instacure treatment at Hareta
Left: Immediately before my Redang trip. Got so damaged couldn't even comb through my hair. (Even washing it with hair conditioner wasn't helping much)
Right: After Instacure treatment. Just normal blow dry. No straightening blow-out.

The treatment cost RM380. You might be able to get a cheaper rate if you sign a package or something. Usually I sign a package there for hair wash and visit it at least twice a week to wash my hair when I have time.

Hair felt fuller. I could slide my hand through my hair, which was an achievement.
So far I have washed my hair twice and the texture remains. It didn't go away in one wash. It felt that I was given a renewed hair texture permanently.

On a side note, I think I'll have one more year of hair coloring fun and then I'll head back to being a brunette. What do you think?


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