Roller Coaster Tram

lisbon city and i

This would be one of the weirdest tourist attaction I've ever encountered.

Seen it. Took a ride on it.


In Lisbon, Portugal, Tram 28 is a popular public transport that promises its passenger a ride that does not disappoint.

Built on the natural slopes and hills that forms the city, the ride gives you a quick sight tour on all the major attractions of the city: monuments, churches, gardens, etc and in some ways, as the Lonely Planet guidebook suggested, does feel like roller coaster ride.

view from the side of the tram

downhill 2
going down, down, down~

Joining me on this ride was a friend from London who flew down for a 3d2n to see the city with me.

andrew and i
andrew and i

tram in lisbon

What's absurd, is that you don't need to pay exceptional fee for a tourist tram, Tram 28 is a local public transport that has been running since the late 80s and is still winding through the old city of Lisbon; a ride will only cost you €2.85. Hah!

Let the ride begins!

tram trail

red building

the town





Tram driver whom I couldn't understand.

lisbon head statue

street band

At the top of the hill, we had the most magnificient view of the harbour city of Lisbon.

lisbon city view

lisbon city view 2

lisbon city and i again

traveller me

rooftop bar
saw some people chilling on a rooftop bar on another building. NICE!

lisbon street
is this the famous Alfama street?

Don't forget to take the roller coaster Tram 28 whenever you visit Lisbon in Portugal. ;)


1 kissed Nicole

  1. I love it when public transport can serve as a touristic guide! I can't remember where, but there was another town I visited where we could take a certain local tram to see the sights too! City planners should think of that...