Pink Coach Tote

I just rewarded myself with a brand new pink coach tote this year, just for being to go through whatever I went through this year, and the last.

It's not a big reward, just a little something to remind myself that I'm worth it.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote

The Coach Signature Stripe Tote in pink.

I wanted something of a convenient size, easy to just grab and head out for a short erran run or house visit. Big bags can be pretty heavy at times, this was just perfect. I bought it from a friend who living in the states, she runs a site selling different designer bags she got her hands on.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote inside

This could fit couple of magazines, phone and wallet and some other stuff. It's pretty spacious for a small tote.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote tag

What's your latest buy? :)


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