The Missing Bag

black dinner wear

It’s another MNG contest again!

This time the winner will get a trip for two to Barcelona, Spain. A city of history, culture, graffiti and shopping!

La Rambla

graffiti 3

nicole and sagrada familia

park guell mosaic dragon 2

Some say it’s a city of robbery.

need help backpacker

I kid.

What’s the missing bag about?
It’s about this bag that MNG lost which has a lot of Polaroid photos in it, photos of friends having fun in MANGO store camwhoring; you can find the missing bag here:

missing bag

Like’ the MNG page, register, and start sharing these ‘missing’ Polaroid photos with your facebook friends.

Like so.

sending request

And hopefully by doing so, the photos you share with ‘help’ the owner find the Missing Bag! Because inside the Missing Bag is the trip for two to Barcelona!

That’s the concept.
If you friend agree to the photo you sent, you get points; if you agree to the photos your friend sent, you get points; you register, you get points.

The more you share, the more points you get. And the one with the most points, WIN!

floral dress 2

No self-camwhore photos needed for this contest, I’m just putting up mine for fun. :p

This reminds me, time to head down to another MNG store for a camwhore session; it’s fun!! ^^


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Barcelona is truly a city of robbery...

    I almost got pick-pocketed, I got cheated of 50 Euros from street gamblers and my friend almost got her laptop bag stolen right in front of her. All on La Rambla Avenue within the span of 2 days.