Perth - Little Creatures

After leaving Christchurch and New Zealand altogether behind, I've flown back to Australia via Melbourne and landed myself in Perth.

christchurch to Perth
I know this map shows that I flew straight from Christchurch to Perth which was actually untrue since I did pass by Melbourne for a transit, but I'm too lazy to change now.

Perth was beautiful, immaculately modern and clean and new.

Despite the many proclamation on how it's boring and nothing compare to Melbourne, greeting a modernized sky scraping city in the face wasn't quite what I expected.

bell tower and eye of perth

Perth was busting with new age folks and many people of different races from different parts of the world. It's like walking through "A Small World".

street performance

There were street performers, statue lady and band playing everywhere.

golden lady

golden lady with little girl
hey little girl, I'll give you some candy but don't tell your mama

city of perth
Standing in the middle of the city.

Hello from Perth.

me standing between eye of perth and bell tower

I met up with two girls in Perth. This time not readers but instead friends of friends (who eventually are my friends too).

First one being Fayth Tiah (photo of her will come later in the blog),
know her through her brother initially (guess who else is Tiah)

The second one was Pei Wen, Fayth's friend and coincidentally, Casey's friend too.

A quirky personality that has swam of guys over her year after year.

pei wen
Hello Pei Wen.

I had a quick tour around town on my too-short-a-trip in Perth by Pei Wen,
since Fayth was busy that day.

She brought me to see the bell tower, an iconic building in Perth and apparently Western Australia that tourists have swarm in to see every day. Read up the details in the link.

perth bell tower

bell tower 2

bell tower 3

Inside you'd find historical large bells that still rang for its people, well for tourists more like.

big bells in bell tower

Considering it was more tourists who rang it.

strings of bells in bell tower
A floor below.

me pulling strings

On the observational deck, you would see the skyline of Perth 360 degree.

perth skyline from bell tower

perth ferris wheel
Ferris wheel next to it. Didn't get the chance to sit on that one.

Or really just 260 degree of Perth, since you're facing the sea.

cloudy perth ocean
Oh deym, looks like it's going to rain. Better get going.

I like this meaningful? meaningless? pole...

bells pole


My favourite building in the city was this cottage looking shop smacked in the middle of the city,

wooden cottage shop

which was why I loved it. It was smacked IN THE MIDDLE of the city,

wooden cottage between high rise buildings

between two really tall buildings that made it looked so out of place but ironically cute.

That night we met up with Fayth who drove us out of town to the infamous brewery Little Creatures.

It was where I fell in love with Little Creatures and began to appreciate beers like how I appreciate wine.

little creatures

Many have mentioned to me due to my arrival in Perth to visit the infamous Little Creatures, somehow it just didn't register in my mind back then it was the actual brewery of Little Creatures the BEER. (I was thinking about a place >_<)

To mentione that it's a brewery was an understatement, it was more like a factory to me!

inside little creatures

The place was HUGE!! and ever so crowded!!

We ordered Little Creatures Pale Ale at half a pint, which was my favourite thus far.

drinks menu

Fayth was so cute. She was craving for sticky date pudding non stop and she wouldn't rest commenting and fidgeting over it till she ordered and have some sticky date pudding.

Now everytime I think of sticky date pudding, she springs to mind. And it made me wanna try the damn cake. LOL

This was also when my camera was running out of battery. T_T

So quickly I took my last opportunity before the batt die to camwhore with Fayth before continue enjoying the rest of our evenings.
PS// Perth was getting pretty cold by then, so staying in for beer was the best idea one can have.

me and fayth
must I really use flash T_T

nicole and fayth

There. Satisfied.

Everyone, meet Fayth - the breakdancing wonder, Caryn's best friend.


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Greetings from Perth.
    The "sea" that you've mentioned is actually a river called Swan River.

    The cottage looking shop is actually an open roofed-shopping arcade called London Court. Here's the wiki link

    You should also give a try Duckstein Brewery or Elmar's in the Valley, both located in Swan Valley. Both offer German beer, food and atmosphere, unlike Little Creatures's factory looking place (it used to be an old ship yard)

  2. Yes, London court is actually a walkway full of shops connecting a couple of roads up.

    I've lived in Perth the past 3 months (wrote about it a few times on my blog, the last post is about why I don't like the place), you must have been here during school holidays as it looks busier and has more street performers out.

  3. The skies in london is so beautiful...

  4. MEI MEI!!!! *reaches hand out