Painting with Nippon Paint

note: home lovers will love this

Weeks ago I attended the Nippon Paint workshop in KL convention centre where the Home Décor 2009 was held.

home decor exhibition
All the things you need in a house

nippon tube colors

Together with a bunch of bloggers, we sat through a talk course about how to paint your house with colors, etc.


camwhore 2

peace sign
No smile

peace sign 2

It was an interesting talk by both charming presenters Ms Gladys Goh and Ms Wong Meng Lee about colors and what do they signify or represent.

nippon representative

It also taught us how to pick and mix-match the colors when deciding to paint a room/item/house.

nippon paint

Never knew painting a house could require so much knowledge, and I honestly though decorating and furnishing the house was the difficult part.

Here are a few fun color facts for those home lovers out there. Or for those who likes colors and love furnishings.


I like blue. Just don’t really like it in a room. It’s kinda.. moody for me.

And I realized how nice green is when painted on a wall. I always thought it would be really dodgy and odd. You know, one of those peculiar colors.


I like this yellow + green settings below too.

O definitely love this design

yellow 2
Reminds me of those cozy guesthouses in Europe. ^^

Then there’s a sexy red.


Which this design here makes it really classy and expensive.

red 2

Speaking of expensive, purple is definitely my favorite expensive-looking color.

They always looks so elegant regardless

I stayed in this resort hotel in Thailand once and it’s all purple and white. I LOVED that hotel so much.

This following design reminds me of Nuffnang office Malaysia.

orange 3
No wonder their whole office is orange in color

Though I wouldn’t mind it in a house if the furnishings can be as nice as this next photo.

orange 2
The one of the left, not right. Not too orange-y please.

Then there’s the typical pink.


I like pink. A lot. Though I don’t really show it.

Maybe because it doesn’t really suit me, who knows. But I love the color to bits! All my ipods are in pink.

Though somehow my current room color is a bit purple-ish. (purple used to be my childhood favourite, now it has become white, well, and pink)

But I have to say, when it comes to a furnishing a house. My ultimate favourite is still BROWN… and WHITE.


Not just any brown.
Light brown.

I mean, I like the woody Balinese style feel that most darker shade of brown can bring out, but I always think that Balinese/woody style should belong to a home-stay/resort holiday rather than an everyday color.

Like I said, I like lighter brighter colors. Not dark and moody.

Perfect example would be this super marble light brown design here.

brown 2

OMG swoon! So Medieval Age feel!!

As for white: elegance, simplicity, clean, what’s not to like?


Or maybe I just can’t imagine my future Jacuzzi bathtub to be any other color. It would just be soooo wrong~

Come on. A pink bathtub?! /:S

The fun part began when each of us was given a canvas to create our own design, after a very brief talk on the types of design Nippon Paint can create.

lime green canvas

I chose a lime green canvas, I thought it looked cool. As in really nice relaxing cool.

So with some creativity, we were off.

I started vigorously taping my masking tape away onto my canvas, in hope to create a base for up-coming design.

masking tape the canvas

stretching masking tape

Then I took a white Nippon Paint white, my favorite color, from the table filled with assortments of paints.

nicole holding a nippon white paint

And a brush.

white paint and brush 2

And painted away I did.

painting on canvas

And paint.

concentrating on painting

And posed for camera.

getting white paint

While I was working hard on my artwork, the rest were busy creating masterpieces of their own.

There was Red Mummy pouring out her creative juice. Or rather, the husband’s.

redmummy and husband
She was busy taking photos. Lol

Cindy was pasting blue tulips.

cindy and tulip

Ringo was cutting cheese blocks.

cutting sponge

KY was obviously doing up a wall for a girly room.

ky paints

And.. and… bah. Let the photos do the talking here.

colorful canvas

lovely painting
Lovely love

pink squares design
Obviously a lot of people liked the square-masking-tape design

CD pasting
Oh this was unique

pink flowers painting
This was more like a painting than a paint job for a wall

three finishing pieces
And many others

(Sorry if your artwork is not here, I didn’t manage to take all with my camera)

And finally, my MASTER PIECE!!

Tell me you like it.

my masterpiece
Did you see the kisses on the bottom right area? Hehe. That’s my lipstick prints.

What do you think?

Tell me the truth. No I’m kidding.
Be nice. I can’t handle harsh criticism.

Someone said it looked like Adidas. T_T


20 kissed Nicole

  1. hahaha nice! btw, have you been to manila or palawan? im going there in jan and if you have been there do you mind sharing some places to go? thanks :)

  2. I like it! truthfully! haha :)

    By the way, you always look absolutely beautiful. How long do you take to get ready every day? :P

    I want to see more of your videos so we can hear your voice more. Even in the foreign language :)

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  9. Hey,

    I loved your design! It looks really nice, great job!

    But i guess if i were to use it on my wall, i would probably prefer to have it without the kiss prints :)

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  11. Yeah, yours is definitely one of the creative ones! Maybe not exactly suitable for home walls, but would be great for a music classroom ^_^ (maybe without the kiss prints :P But hey, that could be a signature!)

  12. your art is pretty. but clef position and your notes are wrong.

  13. its fugly, but OK for 12 yo standards

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