My New Hair 2017: Subtle Ash under Brown

After two years of letting my hair run wild, I finally haul my mane to Sunny at Hareta to execute damage control. 

This was my hair just a month ago on my final leg in Egypt. 

The ends were dry! The bleached hair has grown out and left untamed on its own for two whole years while I butchered it under the hot sun and in sea water during my travels. Tsk tsk. 

I've also been sprouting and plucking white hairs off my hair every six months for the last two years. Yay aging.

Maybe enough time has established living the gypsy life, it's time to go back to being vain and looking presentable. 

I didn't want any crazy color like how I worked it two years ago. 
All done under Hareta. There were a lot more, but you get me. 

I wanted something more subtle, more mature (eh-hem). After 5 hours, Sunny delivered. 

Dark brown to cover my dark roots and that dozen strands of white hair. Subtle ash at the bottom, from far you could barely make out there was ash. But it was in the subtlety that made this hair awesome. 

And I intend to keep my hair long this time. 


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