[Winter Fashion] How to Stay Fashionable During a Snowboard/Ski Holiday

Perhaps the only sport that allows its participant to look classy, snowboarding can be fun and fashionable at the same time. Gone are the sweats and the dirt, getting on the slopes with bright red lipstick and flashy shades have never look so in place.

Here are three simple looks that will complete your ski holiday.

Look 1: Snowboarding Days

Shades: Australia
Beanie: Japan
Snowboard jacket & pants & gloves: Universal Traveller
Snowboard set: Tokyo, Japan
Heattech Top: Uniqlo

Look 2: City Exploration

Take a day out to explore the cities nearby or the village near your snow resort, remember to put on a comfortable jacket for long strolls and a pair of ear muffs to keep your head warm.

Jacket: Japan
Heattech Top: Uniqlo
Short pants: Japan
Stockings: Austria
Ear Muffs: China
Boots: Japan

Look 3: Dinner and Snow

It can get cold at night so bring out the gear. Wrap a scarf and wear double layers, get out the snow boots and protect your head. It's time to brave the cold, and lookout for snowstorms. Pavements can get pretty icy and slippery so remember to wear sturdy snow boots.

Top: Shibuya 109, Tokyo, Japan
Scarf: India
Russian hat: Liz Lisa
Jeans: Jeansbar
Boots: Japan
Gloves: Japan

Stay pretty and keep warm. xoxo


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow... the view of Mount Yotie is remarkable.... I wish I can learn snowboarding....~