Night Stroll in Old Town of Macau

The day started as the sun set over the sea of clouds as we slowly descended into Macau International Airport. It was a good omen to the start of a promising trip, and perhaps one of the most beautiful sunset I've seen, at 30,000 feet in the sky.

trusty backpack and travel pillow

It was night time when we landed in Macau. We checked into Sofitel hotel after dinner which was located in the old town. We would soon discover the location supremely prime for tourists who wish to explore the real Macau, the old Macau before all its glitz and glamour of billion dollar hotels, casinos and its entertainment facilities.

I have not visited the city in 7 years, and strangely it had never occurred to me to revisit this place in this time frame. Knowing my last visit here consisted of escorts of 10 agent-like bodyguards and was ushered around the city as one of the finalists of a beauty pageant. Considering we spent most of our days in casinos and 'eating' expensive food we couldn't eat (it's a competition. hello? waistline?), it's hard to associate Macao with fun.

Which was why I never expected my trip to Macau this time to be so pleasant. No doubt they have endless amount of classy and premium hotels, but what caught my heart was the old town of Macau at night. It was like walking in Paris on a summer night: narrow lanes, small shops, orange street lights, the sense of safety that never existed in Kuala Lumpur day or night, drizzles that didn't bother anyone; it was incredibly romantic.

Sao Paulo Cathedral Macau

JQ and Veron who were perpetually hiding behind me in every photo

local stall serving beef organs (牛杂)

JQ and her tongue

We ended the night at a local eatery place serving double-boiled milk (炖奶), located next to Senado Square. I can't imagine what else it's called, it's nice though, it's a dessert that has the same texture of yoghurt without the sourness that can be served hot or cold. Sweet ending to our first night in Macau.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Looks like a lovely place! I love small peaceful towns like this...would definitely prefer to visit this over the modern Macau if I ever go there.