First Innisfree Outlet in Malaysia

Famous Korean skincare brand Innisfree has finally set up its first store in Malaysia in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Klang Valley.

Korea has evolved as a country to produce some of the world best cosmetic and skincare products since the breakthrough of K-Pop and plastic surgery. innisfree translates to "pure island" which implies the origin of ingredients most of their products came from: Jeju Island. From Jeju's volcanic scoria, green tea leaves, green soy beans to tangerine peel, when you step into the store of innisfree in Sunway Pyramid, you feel that you've been guided a tour through the nature of Jeju island.

innisfree 8-solution skin care line:
1. Green Tea Line - Moisturizing
2. Jeju Volcanic Line - Pore Care
3. Eco Science White C Line (using tangerine) - Whitening Care
4. Eco Sciene Line (seaweed) - Wrinkle Care
5. Olive Real Line - Nutrimoisturizing Care
6. Jeju Bija Line - Trouble Care
7. Soybean Firming Line - Firming & Lifting
8. Jeju Orchid Line - Total Care (coming in 2015)

I got two of their best sellers: Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (OPENING PROMO PRICE! RM52 for a set of their full size clay mask and two travel size pore toner and pore cleanser, while stocks last) and Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence worth RM135. And another eye product: Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle Cream, day use with SPF and night (10ml+10ml) worth RM115.

Perhaps their most loved sections in the shop are the mask shelves. Sheet masks priced at RM4 and Capsule Recipe Pack (up to 3 times application) priced at RM10-12 each.

I'll post up the remaining photos to let you have a feel around the shop and what they have to offer.

hand cream at RM15 each.

map of Jeju island

insert random selfie taken that day

Follow their facebook for all the promos they're throwing for their followers online, there are lots of gifts to be won almost every week.

They're set to open up their second outlet in KL soon, so stay tune via their FB. 


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