My Birthday

So my birthday has come and gone rather uneventfully. Over the years I've learnt to lower my expectation when it comes to birthdays.

I used to expect so much given the fact that I'm a romantic at heart and has always put in so much effort in conjuring the perfect birthday gifts, surprises and parties for others. It must have been such a waste for the womankind to not have me as a man. I've learnt that not everyone can be like me, and to expect the same or similar out of someone else was too much to ask for.

It took me a long time to learn to not expect so much out of others, and being a girl, it's really is hard to not want to be sweep off your feet even for that once in a blue moon. I blame it on being a Pisces.

This year I got a couple of endearing gifts.

Mr Tiny came into my life.

My birthday gift from my bff. ❤❤❤  *touched* I call him Mr Tiny. #bigteddy #teddy #giantteddy #gift #present #birthday #birthdaygirl #happy #bff

Mr Tiny and I chilling out after a cosy birthday dinner. #teddy #giantteddy #bigteddy #birthday #birthdaygirl #happy #contented #chillout #chilling #present #gift

And a gorgeous pair of Chanel earrings and a lovely ice cream cake, which, believe it or not, was a first for me (the cake and Chanel).

My birthday gifts. Got one more cake didn't manage to capture on my phone. *touched*  #birthday #bigteddy #birthdaygirl #teddy #giantteddy #gift #present #chanel #earrings #chanelearrings #baskinrobbins #cake #icecreamcake #dessert #sinful #sweettooth #sw

Thank you my love ones for being there for me, always.
And for being there for me as I get older. 


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Happy belated birthdayyyy! :D:D

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. It's good to be a romantic. It shows someone how much you care and love them. Lol. I am sure you would have made an excellent boyfriend/husband. :) Looking great as always. ;)

  3. Im a Pisces too! I love surprises, present, or anything romantic stuff. I used to have presents, celebrations for my birthday each year not until this year. Maybe Im too old for it! Only celebration with family & close friends and I only got a present. I do find it sad, but I think im asking too much perhaps? :)

  4. Totally have the same thought as you, nicolekiss. I as a Pisces somehow expect so much from other, but very less in return. Hate this feeling!