Hello from Croatia

Can't believe it's been three weeks into my trip in Eastern Europe. Since arriving in Istanbul, I have not had the chance to pause to rest and it's kinda taking a toll on my mental state.

Inching along... Well, inch-ing according to my phone. Lol. Hello #Croatia ! Bye #Hungary ! #train #travel #zagreb #budapest
Train ride from Budapest to Zagreb

I have moved from Turkey, through Romania, Hungary and now finishing up the last leg of my Croatia trip.

It has been such an amazing experience thus far for me but for some reasons because I kept meeting people along the way, I hardly have time for myself to breath, other than these two days which was truly a bliss for me, but also because these two days are the only days I have to myself in Dubrovnik, it's kind of stressful to want to squeeze in some catch up time with my friends and family online and also anything online, like my orders that haven't arrived and payment which were due and more personal problems back home I have to deal with via emails and other means.

And then suddenly I realised I don't even have time for my blog anymore. Normally I say that's a good thing but then blogging has become a sort of extra curricular activity for these few years. It's something I do when I want to relax, so that could only mean I have not enough time to just chill and laze around to even blog.

I did have some time to myself to read though, which was comforting. But even that I find it hard to finish the book because of the time I have in a day to finish up everything.

Tomorrow I have to wake up really early if I want to finish up what I intend to do here in Dubrovnik, like go up the cable car, and then a few museums and then head out to sea to see this little island not far from here.

Which can be proven a challenge considering it's winter now and everything closes too early and the sun sets too early and I can wrap up my days at around 3pm. Which leaves hardly any available time frame for me to do much. And I really dislike sight-seeing in the dark, simply because I can't take much good pictures in that sort of lighting.

Anyway after tomorrow I should be returning to Zagreb and hopefully then I will be able to put some decent postings here before I head off to Vienna, Australia. Looking forward to the best Christmas Market in Europe.

PS// Had the first opera experience a week ago and it was amazing! I loved it!
Hamlet was in play in Zagreb's theatre and I could not emphasize how much I enjoyed the performance. Three hours flew by in a glimpse.

Happily sitting in a box waiting for Hamlet to start. ❤ #opera #art #travel #croatia #zagreb
Happily sitting in my box waiting for Hamlet to start


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