Cooking Foie Gras


This is a slab of Foie Gras I bought from a supermarket in France. Brought it back to England to have it cooked in winter over Christmas.

Big fat juicy liver.

First, cut the liver, make sure it's a big fat thick slice, don't be stingy. Unlike in this photo.


It should be cut thicker than this.


You may choose to season it or not. But since this was going to be eaten without condiments or sauce pairings, seasoning it was.

Sear it. With the thickest slice first. Make sure the fire isn't too hot. Medium will be sufficient.


Foie Gras is 90% fat so you do not need any oil when you cook it, the liver will melt and act as oil to further sear the pieces.

Take it off the pan and on again to make sure you don't burn the surface, flip and it will continue to cook in the pan and then flip the pan back onto the fire. Repeat as your like, but once or twice is good enough.

Enjoy a snow-filled while searing if you may.


Lastly, don't be shocked to find the foie gras to have diminished considerably in size at the end of your searing. This is normal.

Although if it has reduced to a thin line despite the thick slice you have cut, you may have cooked it too long on a heat that's too high.

This is a perfect example of an overcooked foie gras.

But hey, practice makes perfect.
Just remember to watch your waistline. 


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