Back from Japan and Welcoming CNY 2017.

Happy CNY everyone!

Three weeks in Japan has been pleasant and since getting back I've been working hard in clearing my ever cluttered house, bit by bit, day after day. It has freed up a lot of space and now I have a direct beautiful top window view of KL city from where I'm seated at my work desk. 

I've been doing a lot of me-time since selling off my business and did quite a bit of travelling. Getting back to Malaysia in January took some getting used to; for one, food is just not the same here. 

I'm happy where I am. Handful of good close friends I could hang out with on a regular basis, a house that's getting more liveable week after week, just removed the chandelier and installed a new rail of minimalist lights helped opened up the living room visual space. Which has tremendously improved the state of well-being staying in this space. 

Going to be spending a quiet Chinese New Year this year in Malaysia with family and friends instead of flying off somewhere is, I would never imagined saying this few years ago, something I really look forward to this year. Getting old? LOL. Probably. 


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