SK-II Festive Edition Set

Received my festive edition Pitera Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II. Yay!

Sk-II butterfly

I got the pink butterfly limited edition bottle which signifies encouragement (took a personality test for it).  It's also supposed to represent love, affection, and trust. Well that's very useful in business -_- .

Christmas is right around the corner and SK-II has launched their new set in Mid Valley on the 8th October.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch

I attended the event and saw Soo Wincci performed on stage. I first heard her voice on her instagram and thought that she has a really nice soothing voice. It was her debut song on a CD and I really loved the song. I've always enjoyed seeing local talented artist perform on stage. SK-II do hire really good talent to collaborate with. The last event they invited Yuna and I thoroughly melted in her voice on stage.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Cathryn performing a piano piece.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Finally got to see Joanne Yew in person. And she is really tall, and I'm a tall girl. And extremely fair. My stylist never stops raving about how nice she is. And turns out she lives pretty close to me, no wonder I always see her around the area.

Joanne yew and I

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Violinist Josh also performed a number to the crowd.

The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence (230ml) is available as part of 4 SK-II festive sets:
SK-II Iconic Set                                                                                              RM620
SK-II Flawless Beauty Set                                                                              RM1,410
SK-II Beauty Blossom Set                                                                              RM852
SK-II Age Protect Set                                                                                      RM1,181

Also available for a limited time while stocks last are 3 other festive sets:

SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set                                                         RM229
SK-II Skin Indulgence Set                                                                              RM2,277
SK-II MEN Smart Set                                                                                     RM579 

(set photos below)

SK-II Iconic Set - RM620

SK-II Flawless Beauty Set - RM1,410

SK-II Beauty Blossom Set - RM852

SK-II Age Protect Set - RM1,181

040215 SK-II Festive15 W1 PES
SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set - RM229

SK-II Skin Indulgence Set - RM2,277

SK-II MEN Smart Set - RM579 


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