Miruku my white persian kitten

Miruku has been growing up rather big. He's not even one full year old yet. Technically he's shy of a month before reading full adulthood. I consider 12 months cat to be a proper adult.

Anything before that would be deem too young to eat adult cat food, which consists of mostly oilier parts of chicken like chicken skin and chicken liver. He can eat pigs heart but not three days in a row.

I'm beginning to believe that instead of a persian, Miruku might actually be a ragdoll breed.
First thing he is getting incredibly BIG. Not to mention heavy too.
He has blue eyes, like all ragdolls. Temper of a panda. Follow me everywhere I go. Play with anything that's on the floor.

The only thing that gave away is his full body of white fur.

He's becoming incredibly cute, even with his angry eyes.
Even when he misbehaves, it's difficult to stay mad at him.


That's him sleep hiding under the curtain. Took me 5 minutes to locate him. 


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