Midori Travel Notebooks

Things have finally settled down a little in the month of April. What was supposed to be a hot dry season ended up in heavy downpours everyday at 4pm for a straight month and half. 

For the first time in 14 months I could sit down and think about things other than work, it sounds a little exaggerated, sadly it's not. Truth be told, it didn't feel that a year has passed. And each month went by just as quickly. And it has been a year, isn't it? That I'm now sitting in my own shop, writing my thoughts down as the rain pours relentlessly outside. It felt unreal. I have been so occupied that I didn't have time to rejoice in the many things occurring in my life. I left my 20s and welcome my 30s with work on my head; I hardly travel at all, nor had the mind to; I didn't have time to meet friends, or have dinners or teas; I missed out on so many major movies I used to swear I would never miss; I didn't even stop to think that now I have my own outlet, until now. Which is pretty fucking surreal. 

And then I came to my blog. And found it's left poorly attended to. 

With such a huge gap of time since I've done some proper catching ups with my own thoughts, it feels weird I should, or could, write any of those stuff on this space. I've grown to be such a private person, and spilling my mind on a public space is, if anything, a little intimidating. 

I stumbled onto the idea of owning a midori travel notebook. It's like an stationery arrangement system the Japanese created to journal things, photos, thoughts, itineraries and ideas down in a leather binder. The idea is pretty neat.

It has somehow never occurred to me about writing my own diary. Sure I don't travel as much anymore, but it's nice to document thoughts I'm reluctant to share on a public site. The idea only occurred for a day before I realize I may not have this sort of free time for myself for long. How long before I dive back into that hectic whirlwind of a work schedule. 

I enjoy every minute of these challenges, and it's pretty exciting to be planning, organizing and executing almost all the time. 

Ok end of muse. Time to pick up that book I have left aside for FAR TOO LONG. 


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