Guess Most Wanted

Been attending a few events lately, not something I would do usually but it has come to my attention lately that I should go out and socialise more.
It was getting too comfortable living the life of a hermit.
Besides, what better ways to meet some new and old friends and to check out the latest fashion line all in one.

I had a voucher to claim a pair of jeans from Guess some time back but never got the chance to visit a guess outlet, so since I was going to do it, I might as well attend an event hosted by Guess in the Pavilion Guess Jeans outlet.
So many birds with one stone.

They were throwing a selfie contest at the event too, three winners will receive up to RM1300 worth of prizes that consisted of Guess watch, Guess jeans and Dior products.
That's my kind of contest, no effort needed, it's what I do on most days anyways.

And yes, I won. Winning photo at the end of the post.

I arrived early so I decided to try out some clothes from the Guess new line. The spread was adorable but I didn't really try any of the food (hello, more important things to do, like trying out new clothes), I just wished they served water at the event instead of just beer and cola.

Seldom I see a female drummer, she was pretty awesome to me

my winning haul

It's quite a manly watch, I was quite worried it wasn't going to match but matched surprisingly well it did. I was going for this hipster look the other day and the watch completed the look so well. I have to do an ootd post soon. It's been too long.

Oh yea. My winning selfie pose. Enjoy.


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