My Favourite Food/Snacks in Taipei

 My Taipei Trip

Taiwan is a food country, and Taipei its food capital.

I've never really been a food person when it comes to travelling, but Taiwan is one of the exceptions (Japan being the other)

But here's a list of some of my favourite food in Taipei. Hopefully I'll be adding more in the future.

Taiwan Beef Noodle
My Taipei Trip

Taiwan is famous for their beef noodle, with its succulent tendon and juicy meat, you can't not try this dish when you visit Taipei.

My Taipei Trip
'yong kang' is among of my favs.

Salted Crispy Chicken (Yan Su Ji 鹽酥雞)
My Taipei Trip

The dish gradually became rather popular over the last half a decade, sold and served in many shops, stalls and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

But its origin being Taiwan, it's become a novelty to buy this off the street shops to munch for an afternoon snack.

My Taipei Trip
These street shops normally sell many other versions of deep fried food like this salted-egg-filled deep fried buns.

Bubble Milk Tea
The famous Boba or bubble tea that's taking the world by storm comes from none other than Taiwan.

My Taipei Trip

Though there has been many controversy regarding the health behind this artificial drink, it is SO DELICIOUS. One drink won't hurt, right? Or will it?

My Taipei Trip

My Taipei Trip

Now this is a mouthful to say, though in Mandarin it only consists of three words. It's a sinfully delicious crispy pancake/bread (coated with scallion and chive) that's deep fried in a wok-ful of hot oil. You can even choose to pay a little bit extra to add an extra egg to it.

It's my mom's personal favourite, and now mine too.

On a completely random note to abruptly end this post, what do you think of me in bling glasses?

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