Christmas Party 2013: Recycled Presents

I was supposed to be heading to Europe to spend Christmas snowboarding in Switzerland, drinking mulled wine on NYE in Amsterdam and some New Year's time with my relatives in England. But then Paypal decided to screw things up when I made payment for the accommodations and other packages.

Turned out Paypal not only withdrew said money, they did this TWICE, they also lost the transaction history and the money never arrived at the merchant's hands. Which rendered the bank account almost empty upon my return from Japan for almost 4 months without the case being resolved.

Though it was this time family matters arise so I decided it would be a good idea to just cancel the entire trip and stay in the country to spend the remaining of the year, much to my dismay at first.

But I was glad I was able to spend Winter Solstice with my family, which I have missed several years in a row now.

And on Christmas Eve, I hosted a Christmas Party at my place with friends, some old some new.

There was some traditional Christmas meals like Turkey, mash, Sangria, cookies sausages, and not so traditional food like Dominos.

My awesome mash which was so buttery and creamy it would clog your artery. Ho~ ho~ ho~. But it was so gooood.

I decorated the tree. Nice or not?
Would be nicer if there was tinsel.

As well as being the host, I was the gamemaster of the night. Hehehe.. Which meant I was omitted from the most punishing kind of games, all of which I thought out myself. :p

Punishment from wear the silliest headwear, get your nails painted (for guys), pole dancing, say a tongue twister with your mouth full, eating a teaspoon of mustard, get bitten, do crunches, eat chocolate from a pile a flour, etc.

And my personal favourite:

Smell an armpit. Laugh can die.

Look at Mike's (guy on right) face.
I would be traumatized too if I were him. lol

It was pretty last minute and till a day before we didn't know how many people were coming so secret santa present exchange was out of the question. But we still wanted to have the fun of opening gifts when the clock struck midnight so we came out with the idea of Recycle Presents.

The idea was simple, we found whatever gifts we could around the house that we might not want any more but might be of good use to others. Each attendee then wrapped the gifts up and placed them under the Christmas tree when they arrived. And on midnight, after popping champagne, we drew names at random and have the person picked his present of his choice from under the tree and have unwrapped it on the spot.

Turned out it was so much more fun and exciting than expected. Of course the presents were separated into three categories: more suitable for female, male or unisex. There were funny ones but lots of better-than-expected presents. It was like having a lucky draw. We laughed so hard and awed at some really amazing gifts.

The three cool kids lol

Thanks everyone for making this party a success!
Will now end this post with a comic strip.



1 kissed Nicole

  1. love love your cap! looked like the party was so much fun! :D the idea of "recycled presents" reminds me of bran tubs i always used to read about in enid blyton books as a child. so lovely. good work on the tree! i like how you made it look like the branches had snow. hehe.