Haul from Taiwan: Sasa, SK-II, Korean Apparel, Arm Candies & more


I got back from a week's trip to Taiwan lately and managed to spend till I drop during my stay there.

Most of the items were beauty products which are much cheaper in Taiwan than in Malaysia: SK-II, perfumes and most items from Sasa.

Bought a whole bundle of clothes, four pieces of Korean imported clothes and two pieces from India, the rest Taiwanese. They're not exactly cheap, each piece I bought averages between RM80 - RM170, but Taipei has such a variety of beautiful clothing it's hard to resist.

Shilin Night Market

I don't have the photos of the clothes I bought on this trip here, because I haven't worn most of them, you'll see one of them, and a bag of it; but you'll see some of the other items I got and all my Sasa haul.

First I want to show you this top I bought which I absolutely love.


I decided to go for a 'dark' image one morning during my trip there after getting that top the previous night: shorts, singlet and black translucent hoodie; lots of eyeliner and rockstar arm candies.


Here're some 'cool' poses (must match image).


Also to show off my new arm candies. ^^

It's not usual for me to wear such 'young' punk-ish style but it's fun once in a while. :)

My black star feather necklace

my awesome fawsome rockstar arm candies

Here's a photo of my bag of Korean clothes.

love love love love. The shop owner is a lady my age who flies to Korea every month. Just when I was about to tell her how envious I was of her to have such privileges, she told me she's so sick of Korea and wished, with all her might, that she didn't need to do a monthly Korea trip. Bitch.
But I like her.
Which explains the unreasonable amount of money I spent in that shop.

Ta-da! My amazing Sasa haul.

I fear for my bill statement next month. T_T

But how could one resist all the beauty products you've ever wanted at a 30-40% cheaper rate compared to Malaysia. It's not fair. :(

Oh and this double eyelid glue is brilliant. It went on the beauty Taiwanese talk show 'nu ren wo zui da'; I tried it and it's super easy to apply, unlike most double eyelid glue in the market.


I also bought some double eyelid strings, a technology originated from Japan (I think), which won't even have traces of you wearing anything to enhance your double eyelid feature, they're not cheap and averaging at RM2 every single time you apply. I haven't try them yet but it's supposed to be more brilliant than the glue.

My dream polka dot luggage bag which I finally managed to buy (saw it on my last trip to Taiwan two years back), only RM160, medium size. Same design as my iPhone casing. :D


Other random photos.

all the anime figurines in the world! Spotted in an underground market in Taipei. 

cute big bunny in front of a store in Shilin Night Market. 

floral feminine arm candies

crop top: Topshop
black top: Taipei (last trip)
tail-drop skirt: Whitesoot (blog shop in Malaysia)
belt: Zara
arm candies: Taipei

delicate bracelet

gosh my hair follicles sure look big this magnified, I swear it's not that obvious in real life.


How I looked after a completely exhausting but utterly satisfying shopping day. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi, may I know how much u bought for SK2 in Taiwan?
    if you could list down every single item with price will be much appreciated.
    thanks :)

  2. yeahhhh, i was just about to say that your suitcase matches your iphone case but i guess you already knew that. lol! cute, nonetheless ;) i love matching items!!